U.S. Ambassador Pens Op-ed on HIV Epidemic in Estonia

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Estonian newspaper Postimees publishes an op-ed by U.S. Ambassador to Estonia Joseph M. DeThomas about Estonia’s looming HIV outbreak. Titled “Not Only About NATO,” the op-ed characterizes HIV and AIDS not as a disease solely affecting the fringes of Estonian society, but as a security threat that can no longer be sidelined by the country’s preoccupation with accession to NATO, no matter how undoubtedly important that goal is to both the U.S. and Estonian governments. The piece serves as a wake-up call. With $2.9 million U.S. government assistance and a $10 million Global Fund Grant, Estonia’s government begins to focus on the epidemic, managing with time to build a sustainable HIV prevention, care, and harm reduction system that now serves as a model for other countries.

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